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Hi there! To get to the page with the prices and descriptions, please click on a picture! Clicking brings you to the main sales page, so you'll have to look for an item you want from there. Thank you!

I was browsing your site and saw you had Royal Poodle in black. This is my dream dress, how much would shipping be to the USA? I really can't navigate your site very well since I can't read kanji.

Shipping fees abroad are posted here on our website:

How to order is posted here:

Thank you!

It doesn't say on the item page how much the dress weighs, and I need an accurate guesstimation before I buy since my budget is strict :(

You must place an order for the dress before we can ship it to our office and estimate the shipping cost. You have three days to cancel from the day that we tell you the shipping cost!

In general, shipping one Angelic Pretty dress is usually about 900 grams, where smaller dresses like MILK or Emily Temple Cute are usually about 500 grams to ship.

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