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Back to normal! Thank you so much!
closet child
 Hey everyone!

We just wanted to announce that after the events of March 11 and the disasters following, we are finally 100% caught up on orders, invoices, etc!

If you still have not received an email in English with your total, or your order is missing items, please contact us at as soon as possible so that we can figure out what happened! It's quite possible that a lot of orders got lost in the confusion, but we will try our hardest to find and reserve the items that you ordered!

Also, there are several orders which are on the verge of being cancelled! If it has been 7 days or more since your invoice, or 3 days or more since your total was emailed to you, that means you! Please respond to us immediately or your order will be cancelled very soon!

Please remember that cancellations due to no contact are the worst kinds, as we can't trust you with future orders! Even if you must cancel, please email us and let us know what's going on! Maybe we can work something out!

Thank you all for your patience and support during this time!

closet child online shop staff
Ariana Nelson and Maki Montminy


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