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closetxchild's Journal

Closet Child
15 June
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Welcome to the official Closet Child livejournal page.

This page is mainly for posting on egl_comm_sales, but questions, comments, or concerns may be posted here.
Please do NOT send that sort of inquiry in a message, as it will most likely be ignored. Only personal information required for inquiries, etc. will be looked at through messages.


Can I order something from the Closet Child blog?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to order items that are posted on our blog. These items are put up for the purpose of drawing customers to the actual store, so even Japanese customers cannot reserve them by phone or online. There are no exceptions.

Can you look in your store for this item for me
No. Even if we have the item in store, if it is not uploaded online, there will be no way for you to pay for it because that means the item is not in our online database which connects to our paypal and NICOS credit card accounts. Please wait for the item to be uploaded.

Can I email Closet Child with a question I have about something?
Sure! It may take a couple of days to receive an answer since our English speaking staff doesn't work every day, but someone will reply to you shortly!

How do you use the shopping cart?
Click on the pink and white "Overseas Shipping" image on the left hand side of the Closet Child homepage. Detailed instructions and images walking you through how to use the shopping cart are displayed on that page. We ask that everyone use the shopping cart, as it prevents items being sold out before we can reserve them for you, and it's much, much easier on us.

When do you guys upload new items?
We add new items every Saturday and Wednesday around 5PM Japan time. Sale items are uploaded whenever the sale starts, so it could be any day! Upload times will generally be between 3PM and 7PM Japan time though.

How do you ship items?
We ship everything via EMS, and charge the exact EMS shipping rate. You can request that your package be mailed by airmail, but we do not recommend it as there is no tracking, no way to insure your items, and we cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss that may occur during shipping via airmail. It is also much slower than EMS.

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