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10/6 UPLOAD! And some items still available!
closet child
View all of the items here!


MILK / French Mail Dress Pink
17,800 JPY

AP / Wonder Cookie Skirt White
12,800 JPY

AP / Memorial Cake Bow Black OR White
3,800 JPY

AP / Tokimeki Ribbon Plastic Bow in Red
2,800 JPY

AatP / Frill Shoes Brown 23cm
5,800 JPY

AP / Magical Etoile Skirt Sax
22,800 JPY

alice auaa / Wired Nylon Coat Black
26,800 JPY

Ozz Croce / Long Jacket Black
5,800 JPY

h.FRILL / Over Lace Skirt Black
4,200 JPY

h.Anarchy / Pleated Wrap Skirt Black
2,200 JPY

MMM / Leaf Lace OP Black
12,800 JPY

Putomayo / Satin Ribbon Skirt Black
2,800 JPY


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